Fitness resources in Paris

Berges de la Seine in front of American Church of Paris - fitness running walking

The American Church in Paris

The ACP community centre hosts a number of sports and fitness classes, such as Pilates, body-sculpt, yoga, Gym Suedoise, dance, martial arts, and children's activities. The schedule is difficult to find online, but you can try at website, click "Community Activities." Otherwise, drop by and check the bulletin board in the reception area. There are also weekly meetings for AA and Overeaters Anonymous, and many concerts. 65 quai d'Orsay, 75007 Paris, tel:

Gear and equipment

There are many branded and specialty sports & fitness shops, but if you're looking for a one-stop shop, head to a Decathlon or Go Sport. Some of their outlets offer services like bicycle repair and tennis stringing. 

If you're looking for outdoors sports gear, Au Vieux Campeur is the authority, for everything from rock-climbing gear to skis, tents, hiking shoes, jackets, maps and guidebooks. Explore the network of shops around 48 rue des Ecoles, 75005, near Metro Maubert-Mutualite.

CMG Sports Club

Formerly Club Med Gym (and formerly Gymnase Club), CMG offers access to 21 salles de sport in Paris, with a wide variety of facilities and activities ranging from boxing, crossfit, and cycling, to yoga, tai chi, and pilates. Many but not all their classes are Les Mills, and some offer swimming pools with aqua training.

Cercles de la forme

With 25 clubs in Paris, including their six Espace VitHalles facilities, Cercles is similar to CMG, with the same variety of choices. Slightly cheaper, a big difference is their focus on providing fitness support for children and teens, as well as a number of dance classes.


Neoness is the budget gym club in Paris, with 18 salles de sport within the city. Many but not all of their slightly smaller selection of classes are Les Mills, and the quality of the machines varies according to the facility.


Usine is the haut gamme fitness club chain in the city, with only three facilities. They offer fewer of the run-of-the-Les-Mills classes, and feature many mindful workouts (yoga, pilates), as well as boxing, cycling, and crossfit.