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Rentree returns of the day
31 August 2008 -
Mea culpa, nothing added for almost two years, concentrated more on my blogs than on this nascent one started before weblog had any meaning! Everyone is back in town, Aldo back from Sardinia, Brendan from Swanseeland, Carol from Greece, Sabrina from Sumatra, Abby back from her mom's visit, me from Morocco, who else? Tina is visiting from London, Lynne is back from the States for a week, we saw Kristine briefly on her way through to Chedigny for the blues festival. What will 2008 bring, besides a raise in prices - after a hefty raise in the room rental at the church, and what about the new cardio class on Tuesday nights - shall we make it Irish dance, a strip aerobics class, a 20s swing class, or maybe just a simple hi-low impact workout?

Happy New Year reflections
4 January 2007 -
What a year 2006 was! The joy - and fun - of getting Carol and Julien married has to be the highlight, although it was also a blast fundraising with Sabrina to send her to India. Everyone pitched in to make the booksale a successful church fundraiser, as well as the rip-Roaring 20s party on the 4th of July. We were all sorry to see Tracey leave us (but thanks for the candy!), while we got to see Silvie and Tina coming back to take class and party, along with semi-residents Pat and Damen. There were lots of challenges this year - painful separations, community conflicts, various injuries and traumas. But we kicked off our specialty classes on Tuesday nights and Aldo has become a pro teacher! Above all, through all the jumping, the laughing, the plotting and the drinking, we discovered again and again the value of good friends.

Aldo's birthday!
2 July 2005 - Happy birthday, Aldo! Only you could take over teaching the whole class impromptu - including the floorwork, despite the champagne break offered to replace it. You showed us all up by doing as many pushups as your years (how many? count the candles on the cake!). The party at Brendan's was hilarious and warm, and what a nice surprise to see Frederique! Who of course did not bat an eye when you started your usual hot number - why ever were you so shocked by the fluorescent blue string, you sexy thing? And even if Anne couldn't be there, Marcus got us truckin'....

Fitness Fundraiser
28 February 2005 - The fundraiser for the tsunami victims was a success! Almost 90 participants came and worked out, and we raised 1,300 euros for GOAL, the Irish-based aid agency. It was great fun working with Gail Negbauer (and family!), and with Fred Hoffman, who led a dynamic Cardio Kick class, and an exciting Latino Mix session. It was a pleasure to meet the Pilates teacher, Halle Beverage, and lots of thanks to all the community groups who helped us publicise the event, including the WOAC, the AWG, the IEA and of course the American Church, who sponsored it. Plus, the Irish Eyes published a photo of a class in its March edition! More photos

Still Brrrrr
11 July 2004 - Well, summer is here, but the weather hasn't caught on. At least we got to do a bunch of classes outside on the quay in June, with bateaux mouches, cops and joggers cracking smiles at us - and gained a few new class members from the "exposure"! Good thing, as attendance is thinning for summer vacations. So glad that Anne and Heike are back in town to sub classes so I can go away, now that I've recovered from the wild and crazy 4th of July Elvis party - check out the photos here! Great fun, big thanks to all the fitness folks who jumped in to help make it a success, and that includes those of you only in town for a short time, like Marcus, and Ellen Maycock. Time for a picnic, and the outdoor cinema at La Villette - rendezvous with the Wizard of Oz on Thursday, 12th August! Oh, and congrats to now-Madame Raphaelle, and to Nathalie and Antony on the new addition to the family!

19/10/2003 - Yes, the cold weather is upon us, classes are filling up with new resolutioners, and Alison's Big Birthday Bash has finally finished, with pictures to be posted soon. Pat & Damon whipped in and out, and there have been a welcome spatter of visits from family members. Looking forward to feting Tracey's birthday with pepper vodka brought back from the Ukraine by Brendan, and wondering whether there will be Halloween music to exercise to this year. After the success of Aldo's full monty, we're looking for a place to start the new fitness class - anything for rent out there? Curtains obligatory.

Summer in the City
12/06/2003 - Well, Sylvie has left to Stockholm with her amour, and holidays are upon us. Everybody is coupled up, including me, but nobody's boyfriends are coming to class, wonder why not? At least Claude has an excuse, just out from knee surgery! Attention, all: Karyn (with Carmelo and bambino) will be back in Paris in August, and has offered to teach a few classes, don't miss it.

GASP - 16/05/2003 - the time is coming too quickly when Sylvie will be leaving us, and for what? For love in Stockholm! Her Swedish boyfriend Mats (aka Iceberg) can't come to Paris (he is afraid he'll run out of excuses to avoid Saturday morning classes), so they are going to find a big apartment that will accommodate all of us when we invade the north. Meanwhile, it's party time, look out for a special date in June when we'll be feting her farewell. If we can find a video camera, we'll send her off with a copy of class.

The Decline of the Saturday Morning Class
Paris, 08/02/2003 - It began with good intentions, heart rates accelerated, energies abound (except, of course, for Carol who can do aerobics while sleeping - AMAZING). Then, a coffee, perhaps a pain au raisin or two - or in 2 million pieces (method la Sylvie). Finally, the sturdy group of four remains. In an effort to keep Carol awake, four glasses of wine were placed on the table - innocently, of course. Meanwhile, Julie is getting tipsy by dipping her finger into the glasses (she's only 4 1/2 years old) and Aldo is showing off his "weight loss" to the rest of the cafe clientele. And it's only 11:50 am...

Of course, Sabrina was too busy taking notes to participate in the general decadence that led to three more innocents getting drawn in and finally all staggering out to the Paris sidewalk at 3pm. Furthermore, Tracey insists she was preoccupied - during both Saturday morning classes! - with recovering from her maiden venture to Rome. She has only now started finding the vocabulary to be able to start describing it. A suivre...

How to Weigh Yourself and Get the Most Accurate Result

I can't believe I was doing it wrong all these years.
We must get the word out....



Bush aerobics (click here)


For those getting along in years, here is a little secret for building arm and shoulder muscles.
Three days a week works well.

Begin by standing outside behind the house, and with a 5-lb. potato sack in each hand... extend your arms straight out to your sides and hold
them there as long as you can. After a few weeks, move up to 10-lb. potato sacks and then 50-lb. potato sacks, and finally get to where you
can lift a 100 lb. potato sack in each hand and hold your arms straight for more than a full minute.

Next... start putting a few potatoes in the sacks, but be careful not to overdo.


I prefer sit-ups to jumping jacks. At least I get to lie down after each one.


I exercise religiously. I do one sit-up and then I say, "Amen!"

I met a friend jogging in the park. Well, he was jogging and I was sitting on a bench.

****and my favorite:
Fitness nuts are going to feel really stupid lying in a hospital bed someday, dying of nothing.

Getting 'em young!


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                      Aldo and friends


Expat update

Nothing new here, but send me your news! Photos will eventually get posted... Email me at!

Lori Christensen, who used to teach class in Paris, has moved to L.A. and set up her own beach bootcamp classes, as well as triathlon training for women. Check out her website:

Silvie and Mats are living happily ever after in Stockholm, but we need a photo!

Remember Karyn from San Francisco who taught those great choreographed classes, and her gorgeous boyfriend/now husband Carmelo? They have two baby boys, and are happily setting up fitness classes and a photography business in Ragusa, Sicily. Photos to come...

For those of you who remember Paula and Steve from five years ago, they are married and living in New Zealand, and now have a boy, Caleb Cassin and two twin daughters, Clara and Lily!

Last but not least, Molly Grogan and Sean Lynch, married for ages already, have a two beautiful daughters, Esther, born end December 2002, and baby Myriam was born in June 2005.