CPR certification in Paris

Thanks to Health Network International (HNI), it is now easy to get CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) certification renewed in France. Until recently, we either had to return home or take the French first aid classes, a comprehensive series of lessons that take at least three months and lots of euros to complete.

Health Network International is an English-speaking organization of healthcare professionals. HNI offers a number of health-related programmes and activities, among which are American Red Cross classes in CPR and first aid, on a bi-monthly schedule, at the American Church. Classes can also be scheduled at other venues on an as-needed basis. Meri-Kathryn Peed is in charge of these classes, and can be contacted at MKPeed@aol.com or tel: 01.4219.9840.

Adult CPR: 4 hours, 50 euros
 Infant/Child CPR
, 4 hours, 50 euros
 Basic First Aid,  3 hours, 50 euros
 Adult/Infant/Child CPR and First Aid,  8 hours, 75 euros
 Challenge course, 1-2 hours, 25 euros
 Babysitting training, 6 hours, 20 euros
 CPR Instructor training
, 12 hours, 160 euros (includes books and manuals)

There are discount rates for teachers or students, and for those taking more than one segment at a time. A certificate is given at the successful completion of the class. Monies are used by HNI for materials and equipment and paid to the American Red Cross.