Aerobics American-Style



Note: classes cancelled Saturday 5 October for the ACP Bloom program

*** FALL 2013 ***

The American Church, 65, quai d'Orsay, 7e (Metro: Invalides, RER Alma or Bus 63, see map below)
8:15pm, Cardio jam (Alison)
7:30pm, Total body conditioning/Pilates-sculpt (Alison)
8:30pm, Zumba (Alberto)
8:00pm, Zumba (Alberto)
9:15am, Cafe cardio hi-low (Alison)
11:00am, Pilates prime (Alison)


6:00pm, Zumba (Alberto)

Classes led in English ******** Co-ed ******** Walk-ins are welcome


1 class
10-class card

The 10-class card is valid for 3 months.

All classes, unless otherwise indicated, are one hour long, with a warm-up segment at
the beginning and a stretch at the end, with at least five minutes of abdominal toning.

Cardio jam aerobics - Includes at least 25 minutes of dynamic choreographed cardio moves and 15 minutes of toning, with a final stretch. The aim is to improve the heart rate and burn calories. And to walk out feeling like you've just danced the night away at your favourite club.
Total body conditioning - A toning class that incorporates light weights and music. The aim is to develop strength and flexibility of major muscle groups. You will leaving feeling like you tightened and toned all over.
Zumba - 45 minutes of steaming Latin dance choreographed for group fitness, works the hips, the abs, the legs and the lungs - and your party muscles. How can something this much fun be so good for you?
Pilates prime - Mixes a classic Pilates class with a few traditional body-sculpt moves, and the occasional pushup. Basic to intermediate level, we adapt to the participants. The aim is to strengthen and lengthen the core muscles, to develop a tall open posture and balanced muscle development. Mind, body, muscle - good combo.

Please remember to pace yourself, paying attention to your personal fitness level rather than trying to keep up with the class as a whole. Drink plenty of water, and don't hesitate to ask the instructor about any question of safety or technique.