Fitness for fun, articles

Many of these articles were published in The Irish Eyes, the Paris international cultural magazine

Newcomers to Paris

Buddha's Bootcamp: Vipassana

Laughter: Wine for the Soul

Addicted to Grub

Chocolate faire

The French Paradox: Wine and Health

Holiday Food

Mediterranean Diet, recipes

Organics la Mode: Bio is Big

Thanksgiving Redux

McDonald's has announced they are eliminating SuperSize portions, read all about it here.

Massage: Risky Business

Massage Therapy

New Age Fitness

Pill-Popping in Paradise

Rollin' on the River: biking in the banlieue

Travel Tips for Tired Tourists

Gyms: Unfit for business?

Paris Fitness Salon 2005

Vélo-City: Life in the fast lane

Stripping to the Chase: Airport Security

Red, White & Blue - and Green: Irish Americans

Interview with a Vampire: the Vampire Museum

Colin Murphy, Beastly Fun

Clothing Optional

New Realities: Europe Theatre Prize 2007